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where you can find information on almost everything
(well, at least the things I'm either knowledgeable about or interested in)

Why McGee's Closet? Back in the 1940's and 50's there was a weekly radio show called Fibber McGee and Molly. McGee kept everything; he never threw anything away. Where did he keep all that stuff that was either "too good to throw away" or that he "might need some day"? Why, in his closet of course! Each show (and the audience expected it), McGee would go looking for something and remember he had it in his closet. After digging around (and having everything fall out of the closet because it was packed full), he'd find exactly what he was looking for.

Although McGee's Closet has several connotations, to me it's a place that has everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, including obscure and unusual things; you never know what you might find). It's a place where you can find just about anything.

I didn't want to develop a web site that just repeats information that can be found elsewhere on the net; I wanted share some new, innovative information and insights. But, the information that already exists on the net is both important and useful. So, in addition to my new material, the pages on this site are are comprised of links to those other excellent sites. Why reinvent the wheel?

This site has no graphics or java, just good old plain hand-coded HTML text

Updated: 11/18/2016

Here's what I have "packed" in the closet....

(For your conveinence, everything is alphabetized. You can also use your browser's "search" or "find" command.)

Languages (French and Spanish)
Macintosh and Classic Macs
The Mojave Desert Phone Booth (off site) - It's a Phone Booth that's REALLY out in the middle of nowhere! (unfortunately, PacBell removed the phone due to excess traffic)

...and last, but not least, we can't forget about McGee himself :-)
Unofficial Fibber McGee and Molly Home Page
Fibber McGee and Molly FAQ
Fibber McGee and Molly Wikipedia Page
Fibber McGee and Molly Radio Episodes

Here's a list of stuff I'm thinking about adding (when I find the time :-)
Backpacking and camping
Boating and nautical information
Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, and Nuclear)
Environmental resources
Homeopathic Medicine
Organic Farming and sustainable agriculture
Theater Lighting and sound
Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Looking Mac files? Try Pure Mac and Major Geeks

Well, that's all I have for now. Thank's for looking around.
Happy Hunting!